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Blockchain solutions

The blockchain is a decentralized ledger account in the cloud. Because every transaction must be verified by all servers connected to the blockchain, the blockchain replaces the aspect of trust that is the central part of every transaction. This creates unparalleled possibilities and opportunities. The addition of 'smart contracts' (Ethereum) creates new companies and revenue models in which trust and the 'middleman' are replaced by the blockchain.


Bitcoin is now increasingly seen as a 'store of value'. Hard money (sound money) that is no longer subject to inflation. This creates numerous solutions and opportunities for the business community.


From this perspective, we analyze the possibilities for your company in the blockchain.


Our consultancy consists of:



  • Analysis of how your company can best respond to blockchain developments

  • A general introduction to the blockchain, the most important developments and the most promising trends

  • Treasury solutions - see below

  • The business models we consider to be the most promising

  • Specific research based on your unique situation


For treasuries, CFOs and CIOs of listed and unlisted companies:

Microstrategy Inc. has successfully converted more than $ 1 billion in cash to Bitcoin in a corporate environment. Together with 1000 other CEOs and CFOs, we attended the two-day conference Bitcoin for Corporations. There we obtained insights and immediately applicable scenarios to also assist Dutch and other companies with their Bitcoin strategy. In a recently published (Feb 2021) study, 5% of US CFOs are considering adding Bitcoin to their corporate balance sheet.


Contact us so we can assist you in getting ahead in this new world.

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