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What are we doing?

We help our clients with research into cryptocurrencies and provide advice on the blockchain and all its applications.

Based on fundamental analysis, we investigate new - promising coins and new companies that are based on blockchain technology. From this we select the best coins.

Unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies?

Like paper money and gold, bitcoin and other digital currencies enable parties to exchange value. Unlike in the past, this is now done digitally and decentrally. For the first time in history, people can exchange value without an intermediary. This gives the individual more control over his transactions and the costs of transactions are significantly lower.

What is the blockchain?

Internet brought us information for free. The blockchain now brings us free transactions. Transactions / services make up a large part of the global gross national product. Blockchain technology will therefore - just like the internet did before - have an enormous impact on the business operations of companies and the way in which transactions between consumers come about.

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Research is the foundation of our organization.

Based on in-depth research, we provide insight into several coins that we consider promising and a good investment.

We compile our clients' portfolios with care and tailor them to the client's individual wishes and risk profile.


You want to invest in Bitcoins or other digital coins, but you don't know how?

We take this work off your hands and inform you about more than 8 different exchanges / platforms so that you can buy the most promising crypto coins.

In this way we put together a balanced portfolio for you, tailored to your individual wishes and tailored to your personal investment style. You can then buy your crypto coins yourself on these exchanges.


Would you like more information about blockchain technology?

Are you curious about how you can apply blockchain technology within your organization?

We investigate opportunities and threats for your company in the blockchain and make recommendations to adjust your earnings model and business plan so that your organization is optimally prepared and can benefit from what the blockchain makes possible.

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Would you like more information about our services. Then we would like to hear from you.

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 152C
1012 DV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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