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Founder - Cryptocurrency analyst

Over 5 years of experience as an investor in cryptocurrencies and blockchain related companies combined with strong analytical skills and proven business expertise enable me to analyze new cryptocurrencies and select the most promising coins.


Because I am interested in young and fast-growing companies and new disruptive industries and revenue models, I am able to identify, understand and apply the opportunities and possibilities that the blockchain offers within centrally organized industries and companies.


With my 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, perseverance, striving for perfection, passion and creativity, I play a central role in the operational success of cryptos4all.






Founder - Blockchain consultant

With over 30 years of financial expertise gained in corporate finance - fund management - M&A - private equity and investments. Combined with over 10 years of experience as an investor in cryptocurrencies and blockchain related investments, this gives me a unique point of view to discover value in this new frontier.


I have set up several successful companies and am able to unlock opportunities and possibilities for our customers in these new markets.


In 1991 I started at Deloitte and Touche Corporate Finance in Amsterdam and later in Auckland, New Zealand. There I was CEO of a NZ $ 100 million fund in which I made more than NZ $ 50 million for shareholders. I have also been involved in a number of successful companies and investments as a supervisory director and investor.